Surrey Muslim School
119-7475 135 Street
Surrey BC V3W 0M8
Ph. 604-599-6608
Fax 604-599-6790
Office Hours 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Our Partners

The Surrey Muslim School aims to provide a safe and comfortable environment that fosters diversity and acceptance for students and teachers.

As a team of educators, we will ensure quality instruction and exemplify life-long learning. We aspire to motivate students towards academic excellence, promote goal setting and self assessment, and implement a resourceful and interactive curriculum.

As a school, we desire a reciprocal and supportive relationship with our community. In essence, the Surrey Muslim Schools vision is to cultivate students who become ambassadors of Islam and strive for success.

What We Offer
  • » Perseverance
  • » Excellence
  • » Commitment
  • » Knowledge