The Surrey Muslim School provides transport to and from school within a certain boundary. These boundaries can change from year to year and for this reason submission of a bus form is important. This ensures that the bus coordinator can determine if your location will be suitable for pick up and drop off.


  • Submission of a School Bus Service Application Form does not guarantee bus service for your child(ren). However, the school will do its best to accommodate parents requiring bus service for their child(ren).
  • School Bus service is provided to students living along our bus routes and is dependent upon the bus capacity and driving restrictions.
  • This Form is not valid unless the attached bus service contract is signed.
  • If any term(s) of the bus service contract is not met the school reserves the right to discontinue bus service for the student(s).
  • Pick-up and drop-off must always be at the designated location.
  • Allow up to 3 working days for bus service scheduling times. The bus coordinator will contact you with a scheduled pick-up/drop-off time in your area.
  • Incomplete Forms will be considered VOID.
Number of StudentsTution Fee 2023-2024Ten PaymentsOne-Time Payment with 2% discount by August 20th, 2023
One Student $3159.18$315.92$3095.99
Two Students$5537.40$553.74$5426.65
Three Students$7755.19$775.52$7600.09
Four Stundents$9972.98$997.30$9773.52
Five Students$12190.77$1219.08$11946.95
Number of StudentsFull Payment (One-Way)10 Payments(One-Way)Full Payment (Two-way)10 Payments (Two-way)
One Student$550.48 $55.05$1102.05$110.20
Two Student$1102.05$110.20$2197.61$219.76
Three Students$1652.53$165.25$3299.66$329.97
Four Students$2203.02$220.30$4401.71$440.17
Five Students$2753.50$275.35$5503.75$550.38