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Earthquake Comfort Kit

As part of the school’s emergency preparedness program, we ask your cooperation in creating/renewing your child’s “Comfort Kit”.

In the event of an emergency, we must be prepared to look after your child for an extended period of time. This COMFORT KIT will provide some short-term supplies and reassurance to your child in the event of a disaster.

The more kids (and grown-ups) understand earthquakes the less anxiety they may have. You and your family can cope best by preparing for disaster or emergency before it happens. Make sure your kids are aware that they may be separated from you for a while, but you will come and get them when it is safe. To ease the anxiety of children during an emergency, it is recommended that you provide a small comfort kit.

We appreciate your assistance in supplying these critical items to ensure a measure of comfort to your child if an earthquake should occur. Through the cooperation and generosity of the parents of our students, we can be prepared to meet the needs of all.

Earthquake Comfort Kits

Include all items in a large ziplock bag.


· 1 Pediasure or Meal Replacement Drink

· 1 granola bar or power bar (peanut-free)

· 1 fruit leather

· 1 ready to eat snack kit


· 3 x 5 card that contains the child’s name, phone number, out-of-province contact

phone number

· Small rain poncho

· 2 Large/extra-large garbage bag

· Mylar Blanket


· Letter of comfort to a child

· Small family photo